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Pricing -Amalie Orrange Photography

Orlando wedding photographer Amalie Orrange Photography is an husband and wife Orlando Photography duo specializing in engagement and wedding photography.

All wedding collections include print rights of all edited images from your wedding, a private online gallery for you and your guests to view. Weddings require a 50% retainer fee that is non-refundable.

Wedding collections investment starts at $3200 and most clients spend between $3200 - $5900. Please contact us for additional pricing on collections and engagement portraits.

We only take a limited number of weddings a year in order to make sure we can give all of our clients the time and attention you deserve to make sure everything is perfect on your big day. We are big believers in quality over quantity. We realize this might mean we will be out of the initial photography budget of some couples, but we believe the quality, service and experience that we provide is worth every penny. Email



We feel strongly that achieving beautiful images starts with a collaboration between you and us, working together to make something beautiful. We want to become your friends and work together with you to create compelling images that tell a story of your unique relationship and your love for each other.

Being in the wedding industry for the past few years, we have found that the best experiences for our clients and ourselves happen when our couples and us really click- when they become friends as well as our clients. Having that foundation of a personal connection results in more organic, awesome images, photographs that make you remember how you felt in that moment. Because we truly want you to have the best wedding photography experience. You only get married once, we think the experience should be customized to your wedding and that the photographers you choose shouldn't just look at your wedding day as "just another booking" in a long list of weddings. You are important to us!

What is your style of photography?
I guess it would be hard to classify us as one type of look, we love shooting in natural light and capturing that bright, romantic and airy feel, but we also love to add a feeling to our images that we hope will bring the couple back to the moment that we captured for them. Whether it's through light, angles or lenses, when we get that feeling, we feel we've done our job.

What qualities do you have that make you work well with couple?

We approach every couple as friends. We have a real, honest desire to learn the stories that have brought you to this point. We pride ourselves on walking away from this day not as vendor but as someone that you would hangout with when it's all said and done.

What steps do you ensure that your clients will have an amazing wedding day?
We listen. This is something that can't be overlooked. You have planned your day for months and if we didn't organize, pay attention to your vision and try to relay your vision through our images, we would not be where we are today.

Do you do a lot of posing?
Yes, and no. We are not fans of traditional "posing", but we will help direct you into poses that capture the natural essence of you two as a couple.  We like to have some fun and capture your genuine emotion, but we also know that our couples are not professional models and don't always know how to stand or where to place your hands, so we will help guide you through that a bit. Amalie has a fashion background so she gets a lot of her inspiration from fashion editorials, Jeff on the other hand sees things a little bit more out of the box, and a bit edgier, Amalie likes to call him the photo ninja.